Intern Program

A one year supervised training internship for new/recent graduates to develop their clinical skills

Intern Program

Oakham Veterinary Hospital provides the highest standards of clinical care and provides a one year supervised training internship for new and recent graduates to develop their clinical skills under the guidance of staff from the practice and the University of Nottingham. 

The hospital has specialists in surgery, internal medicine, a large sports horse caseload and considerable expertise in equine reproduction.

 Key responsibilities include:

* Inpatient monitoring and care

* Communication with the owners of inpatients

* General anaesthesia

* Supervising standing sedation and multimodal analgesia

* Evaluation of emergency admissions out of hours

* Diagnostic imaging


At the end of the internship we expect all interns to be able to:

* Assess and identify lameness and undertake distal limb nerve blocks 

* Produce diagnostic radiographs of all parts of the skeleton of the horse

* Obtain diagnostic ultrasonographic images of the distal limb of the horse

* Evaluate a horse with colic, interpreting rectal, clinical, clinicopathological, ultrasonographic findings to differentiate requiring surgical intervention

* Effectively manage horses recovering from surgical colic, including decision making for pharmacological interventions

* Undertake endoscopic examination of the horse's airways and stomach and obtain relevant samples and be able to act upon their results

* Induce, maintain and monitor anaesthesia in horses for prolonged periods including animals that are healthy and those with significant cardiovascular compromise

* Undertake a complete dental examination, completing a dental chart and correcting routine abnormalities

* Undertake assessments and interpret findings of all body systems, and obtaining appropriate diagnostic samples


In addition, interns will be able to work alongside advanced practitioners and specialists to develop expertise relevant to their future career plans in:

* Equine Internal Medicine and neonatal care

* Equine cardiology and poor performance

* Lameness assessments, nerve blocks and articular injections

* Equine reproduction

* Ambulatory practice


A unique feature of this internship is the Post-Graduate certificate in Equine Medicine and Surgery that all interns are registered for with the University of Nottingham. This ensures that interns receive recognition for their learning during the course of the year through three pieces of course work:

* A case report from a case that they have had significant contributions to

* A research project based on clinical material generated in the hospital

* A reflective learning portfolio


As a University Student, interns have particular benefits including:

* Access to training and facilities of the University of Nottingham

* Access to the physical and online library, including full text journal access

* Support and validation of teaching from University staff throughout the programme 


Interns work hard, and are an integral member of the practice team. The out of hours work is based on a 1:2 rota. When on duty night checks on impatients are shared between interns, ambulatory duty vet and nursing staff, such that the work load is equally shared. After a weekend on duty, interns are given an afternoon off the following week as a minimum, but the welfare of the team is a priority. In addition interns are given every other Tuesday afternoon off for project work. Accomodation is provided on-site in a shared flat with the other intern.

The internship programme has been running since 2010 and already several past interns have gone on to undertake residencies or work in large equine specific practices within the UK and abroad.

Unfortunately we are unable to offer externship or clinical experience for potential applicants, however we ensure that shortlisted candidates are invited to the practice for a day to fully experience the work environment.

Our internship programme starts in August and February so that there is always a 6 month overlap between interns. 

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