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Soft Tissue Surgery

Our vets carry out a variety of surgeries with the highest standard of care and sterility

Soft Tissue Surgery

At our hospital we routinely surgically treat a comprehensive variety of conditions involving ears, eys, mouth, gastrointestinal tract, urogenital system, wound management, hormonal disorders and hernias that can affect our pets.

Pets can suffer from widely varying clinical signs of illness such as lethargy, lumps, hernias, problems passign urine etc. After a thorough investigation we often conclude that a surgical procedure would be most beneficial or most efficient way to treat your pet. Our vets carry out a variety of surgeries with the highest standard of care and sterility with the aim being to return your pet  to a normal life as soon as possible. We provide high standards for safe anaesthesia, intraoperative pain management (reducing pain to the minimum during the procedure and shortening recovery time) anaesthesia monitoring, sterile preparation and surgical techniques. These factors all help to ensure your pet recovers as quickly as possible and reduces the risk of surgical complications while keeping stress to a minimum.

Our patients are closely monitored by our excellent nursing team who will care for your pet from the time of their admission to their discharge. They ensure the animals are comfortable, warm and well fed throughout their hospital stay. Time is spent with your pet both in the kennel/cattery and if appropriate walking in the outside paddock. We appreciate that a contented patient is more likely to make a quick and successful recovery.

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