Stallion Collection Services

Oakham Veterinary Hospital is able to offer a complete stallion collection service

Stallion Collection Services

Oakham Veterinary Hospital is able to offer a complete stallion collection service for fresh, chilled or frozen semen.

Semen collections are carried out by our stud team of experienced staff and vets, with the stallion's welfare and safety throughout the process being of the utmost importance. The hospital offers a rubberised semen collection area, a ‘dummy' mare for collections and semen analysis is provided by our on site laboratory technician where it is carefully analysed before being prepared for insemination, shipping or freezing. Our DEFRA license allows us prepare and ship chilled semen to anywhere in the UK or Europe.

All orders for chilled semen must be received before 9am for next day delivery. To order semen please call Matt Hecking (Stud manager) on 07976 822903.

Our semen freezing service has become increasingly popular as stallion owners realise the benefits of relatively minimal disruption to the competitive year. A stallion can come to the hospital at a time that is convenient to his competition schedule, which then enables him to be used for other activities during the traditional stud season from March to August. Once the sperm are frozen and stored in liquid nitrogen they remain viable for many years.

If a stallion has never had semen frozen before, it needs to be evaluated to analyse its viability for freezing. This involves the collecting, freezing and thawing of one ejaculate and assessing the motility and morphology of the semen. Once this has been completed and deemed of high enough quality, the most cost effective collection routine is to perform 3 or 4 collections per week, which will yield on average between 15 and 30 doses. There is huge variation in the semen quality between different stallions so it is impossible to predict exactly how many collections will be required to achieve the desired number of doses. Owners will be kept regularly informed of progress so that the stallion is away from home no longer than is absolutely necessary.

Young stallions can be sent to Oakham to be trained onto the dummy mare and their semen evaluated to determine their breeding viability.

All stallions wishing to enter Oakham Veterinary Hospital must have a Declaration of Health Status completed by the owner's regular vet. This must be completed no more than 20 days prior to entry to our site and show a negative test result for EVA, EIA and CEM. The stallion must be accompanied by his passport showing up to date vaccinations for Influenza and Tetanus. If you are considering sending your stallion for frozen semen collections that are intended for use in Europe you must contact the hospital for us to advise you of  the European Health test requirements.

Please contact Matt Hecking for further details on - 07976 822903 or 01572 722647
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