Embryo Transfer

At Oakham Veterinary Hospital we are able to offer a full embryo transfer service

Embryo Transfer

Embryo Transfer is a relatively new breeding technology that is gaining popularity as it offers owners the chance to breed from their mares without interrupting their competitive schedule. ET can also be appropriate for mares that are incapable of carrying their own pregnancy or where the owner is unwilling to take the inherent risks of putting their valuable mare in foal.

In very basic terms embryo transfer involves flushing a fertilised embryo from the donor mare at 7 days post insemination and then transfering into a well synchronised recipient mare.

At Oakham Veterinary Hospital we are able to offer a full embryo transfer service - if you are able to provide your own recipients (at least 2 are required) we are able to perform the entire process on site.

However, if you are unable to provide the required recipient mares we have a solutuon via our transported embryo service. This involves shipping the embryo to be implanted in a recipient mare that has been synchronised to be at the same point in the oestrus cycle as the donor mare. For this service we use Twemlows Hall Stud Farm who run a large, well maintained recipient herd. The donor mare would be prepared and inseminated here at Oakham, then after 7 days she is then flushed, the embryo is collected, packaged and chilled then dispatched via courier to be transferred into the recipient within a few hours.

Please contact Matt or Alex at the hospital for more detailed advise about our embryo transfer program and related charges.


1. Monitoring & Insemination of the donor mare

Fresh or Chilled semen £240 + vat
Frozen semen £340 + vat


Included in the price

  • cervical swab and smear
  • examination of genital organs
  • all reproductive scans
  • insemination
  • hormone injections
  • intra- uterine treatments if required

Not included in the price

  • clitoral swab and lab fees
  • Caslicks operation
  • blood tests including EVA
  • regumate treatment
  • foal care
  • vaccinations
  • pregnancy tests after 15 days
  • courier costs associated with semen

2. Synchronisation of the recipient mares - £250 each (plus VAT)

  • On average 2 mares will be examined on 6 occasions
  • It is advisable to have a full breeding soundness exam including uterine biopsy performed on each recipient before ET is performed
  • Ideally more than 2 recipient mares would be available
  • Synchronisation will be charged regardless of whether the embryo flush yields a fertilised embryo

3. Embryo flush and search of the donor mare - £225 (plus VAT)

  • Includes any sedation, equipment used and flushing medium

4. Non surgical transfer to the recipient mare - £150 (plus VAT)

  • Cost covers all equipment used and sedation and palpation of the recipient mares

5. Pregnancy scan - £48 (plus VAT)

  • The first scan at 15 days is free of charge
  • Further scans must be done at 30, 45 and 60 days to confirm a single, viable pregnancy

6. In foal fee - £200 (plus VAT)

  • This will be charged only on confirmation of a viable pregnancy at 60 days

7. Recipient mare loan charge - £1800 (plus VAT)

  • This is for 18 months i.e until the foal is weaned
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