Laparoscopic vs Traditional

At Oakham Veterinary Hospital we have a number of surgeons who are able to offer both options.

What are the options?

At Oakham Veterinary Hospital we have a number of surgeons who are able to offer both the traditional, non laparoscopic spay or use the laparoscopic (keyhole) technique.  Although the traditional 'open' method is still more widely used, some people prefer the advantages of a less intrusive surgery for their pet such as, quicker recovery time, less bruising and tissue manipulation resulting in a more comfortable recovery.

Laparoscopic spays

The laparoscopic technique requires only 2-3 very small incisions to be made; typically they are just half a centimetre in size, allowing for the insertion of a camera and instruments.  The procedure is performed with magnified views of the organs allowing maximum precision and minimal invasion and trauma.  As only the ovaries are removed (ovariectomy) this shortens the surgical time and reduces the risks involved; there is no evidence of any advantage of removing a healthy uterus.  The recovery time is shorter than with non laparoscopic spays and provides a quicker return to full fitness for working dogs.

What are the advantages of a laparoscopic spay?

  • The entire surgery is performed through 2-3 holes of less than 1cm rather than the single large incision associated with conventional surgery, meaning there is a much smaller scar, reducing pain from the surgical wounds.
  • It is a safer and less invasive method of surgery.
  • Key hole incisions help to reduce the trauma on tissues that may be associated with non laparoscopic spays.
  • Reduced chance of post-operative wound infections and side effects.
  • A faster return to normal activity due to patient comfort and reduced scar formation.  A gentler, more comfortable recovery requires less rest, your dog can be active again in a couple of days.
  • Suitable for animals weighing between 10kg and 35kg - particularly young, lively, athletic dogs who may be difficult to keep quiet after a traditional spay.

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