First opinion consultations are carried out at the hospital by prior appointment


First Opinion

First opinion consultations are carried out at the hospital by prior appointment. We offer consultations throughout the day to deal with all the needs of your pet at a time that is convenient for you. These can also be booked online.

Consulting starts at 8:30am and goes on until 6:00pm. We have an extended consulting period until 7:30pm on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday evenings and between 9:00am and 12:00pm every Saturday morning.

We are happy to see a wide variety of species at the hospital, ranging from dogs and cats, to rabbits, small furries, reptiles, exotic bird species and family chickens.

Second Opinion

Occasionally, you may want the advice of another independent vet when deciding on treatment options for your pet. We are happy to give a second opinion for any pet that you need help with.

We do have to contact your normal veterinary practice in order to get your pet's details. Don't worry though, most vets are happy for you to get a second opinion if you have doubts and will be pleased to see you back at their practice for further treatment when you are ready.

The Second Opinion consult is with one of our veterinary surgeons. It will give you the chance to talk through your pet's problems and come up with options for you and your pet that you are happy with. After this consultation you can choose to have any further work done at our hospital or back with your usual veterinary practice.

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