(all prices exclude VAT)

Please Note.

Stallion owners shall only be responsible for the daily livery fee, the collection and shipping fees will be the responsibility of the mare owner.

Charges for the 2020 Season
Stallion livery £32 per day
Stallion Dummy Training £75 per collection
Collection Fee for fresh Semen £90 per collection
Collection Fee for Chilled Semen £105 per collection
Flushout Collection £70 per collection
Postage and Packing £25

Hire of shipping containers is free be they MUST be returned in good condition within 3 working days otherwise the mare owner will be charged for a replacement.

Please note:

A next day delivery service via Royal Mail is unavailable if the semen is required on a Sunday or a Monday. In this situation we advise that the mare owner make their own arrangements for collection of the semen or use a same day courier service.

Resident Stallion livery £ 275 per week

As an incentive to encourage owners to have their stallions ‘resident' with us we are offering a reduced livery rate based upon mares coming to the hospital for an AI cycle. For every mare that comes to OVH for an AI cycle to your stallion there will be a £50 reduction on the standard livery rate - this effectively means that if there are 5 mares here to be put in foal to your stallion you will pay no livery at all for that week. A stallion will be classed as ‘resident' if he is with us for at least 4 continuous full weeks per season. The livery will include daily keep and exercise and also three semen collections per week regardless of whether there is a mare ready for insemination. This is to ensure that when a mare has reached the correct point in her cycle the stallion is able to provide a good quality of semen to give the best chance of a successful pregnancy.

(all prices exclude VAT)

Charges for the 2019 Season
Stallion Livery (To include turnout or lunging as per the owners request)  £30.00 per day 
 Collecting and Freezing one ejaculate (To include the first 5 doses processed)  £240.00
 Charge for each additional dose of semen produced from an ejaculate  £10.00
 Charge for a day visit to evaluate a stallion's semen for freezing  £275.00

The number of doses produced from each semen collection can vary from stallion to stallion, and from day to day. Stallions usually produce between 5-10 insemination doses per ejaculate, so in a week of regular collections it is reasonable to expect between 15 and 30 doses. We will keep owners regularly informed of progress, ensuring the stallion can go home as soon as the freezing target has been reached.

We are happy to negotiate with each stallion owner to provide a package based on your budget and/or a target dosage.

(All prices exclude VAT)

Semen Storage
1-20 insemination doses £12.60 plus VAT per month
21-50 insemination doses £18.90 plus VAT per month
51-100 insemination doses £25.20 plus VAT per month


Frozen Semen Distribution Service
Processing and Handling £50
Next day before noon delivery service As charged by TNT
Next day before 9.00am delivery service As charged by TNT

Next day courier service priced on request

To be able to release any semen we require written confirmation (fax or email) from the semen owner.

This must include:-

  • Name of Stallion
  • How many doses you require
  • Name, address and tel number of the place where semen is to be delivered
  • Name, address and tel number of the person who will be paying the bill