Fleas are the most common external parasites seen on dogs and cats, and a very common cause of skin disease.  It's a familiar misconception that fleas are a sign of neglect or poor hygiene; any pet can get fleas if they are not treated with flea prevention products.  Adult fleas live in your pet's coat, feeding on their blood, but they lay their eggs in the environment i.e. your pet's bedding.  You may see live fleas (small brown insects) in your pet's fur or flea dirt - a fine toothed comb will help you check for this.


Other signs of flea problems include itching, scratching and skin scurf or infections.  Fleas can give your pet tapeworms so it's important to treat for flea and worm infestations if you spot evidence of live fleas.  Flea control needs to be viewed as prevention rather than cure, we recommend using a vet strength flea treatment best suited to your pet every 4-12 weeks.

Please be aware that some dog flea treatments contain Permethrin, an insecticide that is safe for dogs but highly toxic for cats.  None of the products that we stock contain this ingredient but it is very commonly found in some brands sold by supermarkets and pet shops so do please be aware.

Our range of Pet Club Packages have been designed to include effective flea control treatments on a regular basis.  We are currently offering 25% off a pack of 6 popular chewable flea/tick tablets for cats and dogs (given on a monthly basis).  For more information please phone the small animal reception team on 01572 722646.