Tiny little Jack Russell cross, Pixie Fitch, came in to see Roxane a couple of weeks ago having gulped down a rubber Morph toy, without pausing to chew.  Luckily, her owners had seen her do it and as she's only a tiny 11 week old puppy they brought her straight down to the practice.  She was admitted and given an ultrasound, which showed the toy not progressing well through her digestive system.  There was no option to induce vomiting as the toy could easily have become stuck in her Oesophagus.  The only course of action was to perform an exploratory laparotomy (surgically open up her abdomen to remove the toy).  Having gained her owner's permission, Catriona performed the surgery and successfully removed the toy.


Pixie was very carefully monitored throughout her general anaesthetic and recovery, the nurses checked her vital signs repeatedly looking for any changes in blood pressure, temperature and blood sugar.  The following morning she had started to eat and was doing well.  As her temperature was still fluctuating though the decision was made for her to stay at the hospital overnight with some intravenous (IV) fluids and a heat pad in her kennel.  After a good night where Pixie had been eating, drinking and toileting normally, Catriona was happy for her to be discharged into her owner's care with some ongoing pain relief.

Pixie came back to see one of our veterinary nurses after a couple of days to check the surgical wound and make sure her vital signs were all good.  Her owner was happy that she was very comfortable and very keen to play!  Her final post-operative check on Christmas Eve with Chris went well and he was happy to sign off an end to her treatment.

It never ceases to amaze us what some pets will decide is edible, thank goodness her owners saw what had happened and acted fast, the size of the toy relative to Pixie would have made it virtually impossible for it to pass through without veterinary help - hopefully it will put her off chomping one down in the future!