With temperatures hotting up it's time to start thinking about taking action to prevent some of the conditions that can affect our small furries at this time of year.  In warmer weather rabbits are vulnerable to a condition called Flystrike, which can progress quickly and ultimately can be fatal.

Flystrike occurs when flies lay their eggs around your rabbit's bottom, these hatch into maggots which in turn chew into the rabbit's skin.  Rabbits with dirty bottoms (loose stools) and wet fur are at risk which means that rabbit's who struggle to clean themselves are more prone to the condition.


Rabbits with Flystrike may become quiet or listless and be in obvious discomfort.  If you suspect that they have got the condition then they will need to see a vet immediately for treatment.  It's essential to check your rabbit's bottom at least twice a day at this time of year and keep their hutches clean and dry.  Change bedding regularly (ideally on a daily basis) and disinfect the hutch completely every week.  You could also consider putting a fly screen over the hutch to act as a deterrent.  You can use topical prevention in the form of Panacur Rearguard, which is available to buy from our Reception and is effective for 10 weeks after application.