Computed Tomography (CT) is the latest specialist imaging equipment to be added at Oakham Veterinary Hospital. The CT scanner takes multiple, single slice x-rays and is able to create a highly detailed 3-dimensional reconstruction of the patient. Using sophisticated software, we can use the acquired images to fully visualise and understand the location of the pathology. CT imaging is ideal for examining bone or soft tissue structures of the head, neck and limbs of horses, or anywhere in a dog or cat.


For equine patients, our CT suite is deliberately located adjacent to our operating theatres to allow CT to be used as part of pre operative planning where appropriate. The benefit of this is that a CT scan adds very little to total anaesthetic time of patient, whilst ensuring our surgical approach is as accurate and efficient as possible. A general anaesthetic is not always necessary, depending on the area of interest and the temperament of the horse or pony, so horses can be scanned under standing sedation.

What conditions is CT commonly used for?

  • Trauma or fracture evaluation
  • Pre-surgical planning particularly for arthroscopy and tenoscopy
  • Joint and bone evaluation
  • Nasal mass or chronic nasal drainage
  • Chronic dental issues or tooth extraction planning
  • Head shaking
  • Sepsis or osseous abnormalities in foals
  • Other specialty studies

What do I do if I think my horse needs a CT scan?

Contact the reception team who will be happy to arrange a consultation with one of our specialist vets or if you would like to be referred by your usual vet, we are happy to speak to them directly to discuss the case history before booking your CT scan.

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