Foaling Services

Oakham Veterinary Hospital is able to offer an on site foaling service

Foaling Services

Oakham Veterinary Hospital is able to offer an on site foaling service. For a fixed fee your mare will stay with us for the final stages of her pregnancy and will be monitored by our stud team 24 hours a day. Your mare will stay in one of our dedicated foaling boxes, equipped with heaters and CCTV cameras.


This enables us to monitor the mare through the night without physically disturbing her. In additon to CCTV monitoring mares are also fitted with a stitch in foaling alarm which notifies the team at the onset of second stage labour ensuring that we will always be present to assist the birth as required.


There are many benefits to sending your mare here to have her foal. The stud team have foaled over 100 mares in the last 3 seasons and have a wealth of experience and knowledge. If there should be any problem during the foaling the mare is already on site and can be dealt with very quickly by our team of vets and nurses. Early intervention is crucial if you are dealing with a sick neo-natal foal or a mare who is struggling with her delivery.


Our foaling package includes a full veterinary examination of both mare and foal post foaling, an enema to help prevent meconium impactions. Also included is the tetanus antitoxin injection that is given immediately post birth and an IgG test at 24 hours.


The IgG test enables us to make sure that the foal has received enough colostrum, which is the first milk received from the mare and very rich in sugar and antibodies. Foals acquire all of their antibodies, which the body uses to fight off infection, passively through ingestion of this milk which is only produced in the first 24 hours.

Foaling Package £415 + VAT (This does not include any veterinary treatment beyond that considered a ‘routine' foaling)
Livery £28 per night +VAT (We strongly recommend the mare is on site at least 2 weeks before her due date)

Please contact Matt Hecking for further details on - 07976 822903 or 01572 722647
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