Each season brings its own dangers for your pets - in winter it's the extremes of temperature that can cause both illness and injury to your furry friends.

Don't be a fair-weather friend; make sure you take your dog out in all weathers, keep both of you warm and be safe in slippery/dark conditions.  Risk upsetting your cat and keep them indoors during really cold snaps, it's the best way to keep them safe.  Cats have a habit of seeking out warm places to cuddle up and you would rather this is your sofa than the neighbours' car engine.

Our smaller furry friends can be the most forgotten at winter time - remember to check rabbits and guinea pigs more than normal and make sure they're still getting daily exercise.  Keep their bedding clean and allow for plenty of fresh straw/shavings to help them stay warm.  Feed plenty of quality hay for essential calories and check water bottles throughout the day to keep them defrosted.  A bit of pipe lagging wrapped round bottles on the outside of cages can help stop them freezing up.

If possible, their hutches really need to come into a shed, garage or conservatory during the coldest months.  See our winter survival guide below for a few tips on helping your pets stay happy and healthy over the next few months.

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