We are in the midst of a global pandemic. The British governments position since the introduction of ‘lockdown’ has been very clear and has not changed at the 3-week review. ‘’Stay at home, protect the NHS and save lives”. At OVH Equine we have taken every measure we can to adhere to this advice, whilst maintaining our commitment to equine health and welfare. But we must respect that Covid 19 can infect anyone and every effort must be taken to limit the spread of the infection.


The RCVS, BVA and BEVA updated their position on Friday 10th April and vaccinations are now deemed acceptable in accordance with governing body rules. This means we are able to perform primary vaccination courses and booster vaccinations approaching the end of the vaccination window. We would ask all our clients to carefully consider the timing of their vaccinations. Could it wait another week or two and still fall within the vaccination window? By which time, hopefully we will be in a position where some social restrictions have been eased.

Six month boosters for competition horses or racehorses in training do not necessitate vaccinations at this time. The FEI and BHA rules are such that there is leeway in the vaccine requirements, provided they are vaccinated at least annually.

We will be following the social distancing rules that we have had in place for the last 3 weeks as closely as possible. The rules include:

​•​Our reception team will clarify your Covid 19 status before booking a visit by asking you a series of questions.

​•​Please ensure your horse is tied up ready for the vet. We will liaise by phone to let you know when we are a few minutes away.

​•​Passport must be ready near the horse

​•​If the client must be present there should be one person only and strictly no pets or children

​•​We will not arrange a visit until we can ensure the safety of all involved including vets, clients and members of the general public.

We are committed to providing our services in the most socially responsible way possible. This means we will always be mindful of the following:

​•​to balance the need to maintain animal health and welfare

​•​to work in ways that prevent the spread of the COVID-19 virus

​•​to protect ourselves, our colleagues and our clients

​•​to protect the NHS

​•​to keep veterinary and allied businesses working and viable

We are respectful and enormously grateful for the work of all NHS and healthcare professionals and we will do everything we can to continue to follow the directions of the government in order to help control the spread of coronavirus.

We thank for your loyalty to the practice and for assisting us in following these rules.