Please see the attachments below for the latest ''mini articles'' from the REACT to colic campaign. There are a total of 9 articles, the first 3 of which are produced here and the rest will follow over the next two months.

Download this file (Article 1 'What is colic' FINAL.pdf)Article 1 'What is colic' FINAL.pdf[Article 1 - What is Colic]461 kB
Download this file (Article 2 'Types of colic' FINAL.pdf)Article 2 'Types of colic' FINAL.pdf[Article 2 - Types of Colic]468 kB
Download this file (Article 3 'Recognising colic' FINAL.pdf)Article 3 'Recognising colic' FINAL.pdf[Article 3 - Recognising Colic]1008 kB