From October 2020 it will be compulsory for all horses, ponies and donkeys in the UK to be microchipped, have a valid passport and be registered on the Central Equine Database.

This extends current legislation which already denotes that any equine born since July 2009 should have an ID chip.  Those older horses now falling into the new legislation will have a two year grace period after which the law can be enforced with a £200 on the spot fine.  This extra time will hopefully allow horse owners to combine microchipping with a routine visit to, or from, their vet, thus minimising the cost.

The aim of the legislation is to prevent abuse and improve welfare across the equine population in this country.  It will be easier to reunite lost or stolen horses with their owners and will provide a completely accurate way of identifying any horse or pony.

We provide a full ID chip and passport service which can be done in the hospital or at your yard, please phone our equine office on 01572 722647 for more information. To find out more about the legislation and its aims please click here.