Equine HospitalisationOakham Veterinary Hospital is based on a 15 acre site on the outskirts of Oakham, Rutland. The main hospital building houses the reception, laboratory, pharmacy, 2 surgical theatre’s, stocks area, 2 consulting rooms, radiography room and the MRI suite.

Across the concrete trot up area is the first stable barn housing 12 stables, 4 of which are available for intensive care patients. These intensive care stables have drip lines for hanging IV fluids and heat lamps. This barn also includes a JMB-approved measuring pad, and a second set of stocks which are mainly used in the summer during the busy stud season.

After crossing a second trot up area, there is a second barn housing an additional 10 stables, the scintigraphy suite and a post mortem room. These stables are primarily used for housing the day patients, scintigraphy patients and for foaling mares. The four foaling stables are equipped with CCTV cameras, so the mares can be closely observed 24 hours a day.

Other facilities include a 20x40 sand arena and a separate lunge pen for lameness assessment, poor performance evaluation and exercise for pre purchase examinations. The hospital has approximately 12 acres of grazing, both for hospital patients that require turnout, and for horses that are admitted for reproduction work. There is a large parking area for trailers and horse boxes and a loading ramp for horses who don’t want to go home!